GeoWave for Advertising

GeoWave Audience Profiles can be exported into your Programmatic advertising for re-targeting Users based on their Location Based Habits

How it works

Once you have the geowave SDK in your app it starts building Audience Profiles on our Servers which can be seen in your control panel. As well as using these to target Push Notifications you can also export or integrate these Profiles into your Programatic advertising via a Data Management Platform. If you don't already use a DMP then we can recommend one of our Partners. You can then target advertising to users based on the places they go and what that says about their lifestyle preferences.

Brick & Mortar Brands

You can re-target your ad campaigns to users who display specific patterns like visiting your store often, not visiting your store for a while or even visiting your competitors stores recently.

Media Owners

If you have location enabled you can use Geowave to set up Location Based Audience Segments for use in programatic via your DMP. We can set up traditional audiences such as Business Travellers, Sports Fans and Students or even custom audiences that are specific to your user base.

Store Visitors

Target loyal store visitors with offers and rewards or trigger a follow up message after a store visit. You can also target users who have recently stopped visiting your store.

Lifestyle targeting

This behavioural targeting lets you segment users based on lifestyle choices such as Business Travellers, Sports fans and Weekend Shoppers.

Competitor targeting

Target specific advertising to app users who visit a competitor regularly to eat into their market share. You can then track the uplift in re-visits from your control panel.

Lookalike profiles

Use Geowave to create lookalike profiles to target mobile advertising across the whole web.