Geowave is simple plugin for your mobile app that turns the anonymous location data into user profiles so you can send notifications to consumers when they are in a specific location or have visited a pattern of places that interest you.

Step 1

Add our SDK to your app so that Geowave can build user profiles.

Step 2

Select your targeting options on our control panel.

Step 3

Geowave will send Notifications to those users.

(or you can export the user profiles for 3rd party messaging/reporting/advertising solutions)


Geofencing refers to messaging a handset when it actually enters or leaves a specific location in real time. Your app doesnt have to be open and the handset can be locked in the User's pocket and the notification will still activate with sound and show on the lockscreen.


GeoTargeting refers to messaging a handset based on the places it has been in the past. This helps target users who may not walk past the location you desire very often but the places they do visit suggests they are your target audience.

Award Winning Targeting

Simple GeoFencing plus advanced Behavioural Targeting make Geowave the most powerful GeoTargeting platform for apps. The only solution for targeting users at Home, Work and Play.

GeoData & Analytics

Simple to use Control Panel with detailed GeoData showing where your app users visit and where they engage most with your app.

Trusted Solution

Geowave is trusted by 15 of the top 100 apps in the store for delivering GeoTargeted Notifications.

Data exports & integrations

Geowave audience data can be exported or integrated into Programmatic Advertising via any Data Management Provider.

Brands include


Hammerson shopping centres used Geowave to trigger Geofenced messaging to app users when they entered and exited their centres. They used the messaging to send personalised offers that were tailored to the dwell time in the centre and the frequency of visits. This helped Hammerson win the DMA Gold Award for best use of Location.

Advertising Revenue

Trinity Mirror use Geowave in 10 of their top news apps to generate Location Based Advertising revenues. Geowave lets their advertisers target users who have frequently been near a high street business or POI. Over 100 advertisers have booked with them ranging from TigerTiger to Paddy Power & Argos.

Award winning technology